Свештена екологиja у окриљу православне цркве

Eпископ крушевачки Давид Перович


Great and Orthodox Council of Orthodox Church was held in Crete, and from there he sent a message to Christians and the world, a message that reads: it is obvious that today’s ecological crisis was caused by spiritual and ethical reasons; that it is rooted in unsaturated greed and selfishness that lead to irrational exploitation of natural wealth. Therefore simultaneously with this, man has to nurtures in themselves aware of the fact that he is only “econom” (administrator in the name of the host), but not owner of God’s creation. Only under this condition future generations will have their inal¬ienable right to natural goods which the Creator entrusted us. The Orthodox Church is sensitive to a pain and existential distress of nations and their cry for justice and peace. That is why she applies sacred acts for the consecration and protection of environment; and again, it celebrates the creative power of the Lord over the Universe and points to the Lord’s rule of it. But she points out first and foremost to its beneficial eco-Eucharistic catchwords, or God-wise eco-paradigm of church teachers – the Holy Fathers.

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Sacred ecology, Act for consecrating and protection, eco-bio ethic, ecological hymn-ode, ktisiology, eco-Anaphora, micro-ecology, eco-paradigm, eco-literature, eco-music, eco-filmography


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