The Church’s Engagement with the World – Witnessing as the Church’s Method

Bishop Jovan (Purić)


The aim of the article is to point out the most tradition methodology of the Church’s engagement with the world - methodology of witnessing her faith. This methodology is manifested through Church’s liturgical language, i.e., the Divine Liturgy, as well as in the Church’s theological language or theology. This existential demonstration or witnessing is more effective than Church apologetics evident in rational defense of faith. The article emphasizes further that the liturgical language is not separated from the theological one, because traditional experience of the Divine Liturgy always includes the true personal and universal feat and asceticism of the Holy Fathers. By being immersed in the liturgical life, one is also immersed in liturgical and ascetic experience of the Holy Fathers, which is universal experience of the Church.

Ключови думи:

Methodology, Liturgy, theology, witnessing, crisis, Post-Christianity.


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