Онтологиjа есхатона као онтологиjа слободе интерпретирана богословљем светог Максима

Дарко Стоянович


The article aims to present how the Byzantine scholar St Maximus the Confessor perceived the notion ontology, eschaton and freedom. To show that the center of history and its purpose and the fullness of eschatology is Christ, Who in the Church and the Church, introduces the eschaton, but „here and now“ in history and this becomes the Holy Spirit. Тhat the Second Coming of Christ will not mean the end of the existence of the Church because Christ and the Church are identified, though not completely in the history. The great advantage of the metaphysical approach Sv. Maxim is that it offers a related understanding of God, Christ and man, in direct contact with eklisijalnim expressions of faith in Christ and the Holy Trinity.

Ключови думи:

Ontology, eschaton, freedom, St Maximus the Confessor.


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