Кључни аспекти сотириологиjе светог Анастасиjа великог и савремена парохиjска пракса

Протојереј Жељко Р. Ђурић


The main motive of the Incarnation of Christ in Athanasius’ teaching, is the salvation of decaying matter and man. Hence his sotiriology as well as learning about the salvation of the human race and the whole of creation, according to a closely related to Christology, Athanasius says nothing but that it does not concern human salvation. This learning system is characterized by two basic postulates on which link their theology builds St. Athanasius. Those are: a) the materiality of the world and b) Immateriality the Eternal Son of God. Athanasius Christology, which is hard realism, indicates that there is no other sotiriology except the one that talks about taking the fragile human nature by the Logos and finally appeasement in His Body of the Church.

Ключови думи:

Sotiriology, parish, community, Pharisees logic, problem of death, sin, Kingdom of God, the Logos of God


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