Панхуманистичка антропологиjа у теолошком дискурсу Светог Владике Николаjа Охридског и Жичког

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Holy Bishop Nikolai was a theologian of the Serbian church and lived from 1880 to 1956. He received his doctorate at the Theological Faculty in Bern. He was a prominent theologian in his time. After Dostoevsky first used the word panhumanism, Bishop Nikolai introduced this word into theology. Nikolai used this word in his text about Shakespeare. Later he introduced panhumanism into theology. He did this in his two works: „Prayers by the Lake“ and „Orations on the Universal Man“. The idea of panhumanism of bishop Nikolai reminds us of learning about the „logos of being” with Saint Maxim of the Confessor. It is impossible to make the original synthesis of these two theological teachings. Nevertheless, there is a great difference in time, but also with different philosophical and theological influences.

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Nikolai Velimirovic, panhumanism, panhumanity, Universal- Man, „Orations on the Universal Man”.


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