Георгий Флоровски: „ В историята нещо се случва“

Нина Димитрова


The topic of the present article is George Florovsky’s critical attitude towards the Russian metaphysics of all-unity, especially concerning the problems of history. Florovsky’s main position – the position of a Christian historian, is analyzed. The author of the article demonstrates that in every of his studies devoted to the philosophy/theology of history, the famous Russian theologian presents himself as an unconditional opponent of the inherent to the metaphysics of all-unity idea of history as a development, claiming that such interpretation is nothing else but organicism which eliminates the presence of freedom in history. Special attention in the article is given to Florovsky’s critical attitude towards the views of two brilliant representatives of the Russian metaphysics of all-unity – Lev Karsavin and Simon Frank. The arguments against their philosophical ideas of history are analyzed in details.

Ключови думи:

George Florovsky, History, Philosophy of history, Theology of history, Russian religious philosophy, Metaphysics of all-unity, Vladimir Solovyov, Lev Karsavin, Simon Frank