Ка онтологиjи иконе: Стаматис Склирис у диjалогу са богословљем светог Максима Исповедника

Протојереј Жељко Р. Ђурић


The paper deals with Theology Icon of Priest Stamatis Skliris. His theology corresponds to a great extent with the theologian of St. Maximus of the Confessor. The research results pointed to two fundamental approaches to the interpretation of the icon. One that tilts the historical dogmatic context, and others who shift their interpretations from historical flows, into an eschatological icon. The experience of the eschatological interpretation, present in the Skiris, is in the liturgical structure itself, which returns to the theological work of St. Maxim of the Confessor, which is an eschatological fact and reality now and here.

Ключови думи:

The kingdom of God, symbolism, icon, eschatology, art, agiography, theology, light, cosmos, liturgy.


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