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Рецензии и отзиви: Рецензия на Учебник „Декоративни глазури – изкуство и технология“ от д-р инж. Васил Харизанов

Георги Георгиев

Страници: 108-109


This textbook is based on many years of practice, research and teaching work of the author in the field of decorative ceramic glazes. It is an original intersection of theory and artistic approach. It is a kind of manual, fully adapted to the needs of ceramists and designers of ceramic products. The theory of vitreous coating and the practice of creating decorative glazes is brought together. Both the basic properties of glaze melt and the variety of raw materials used in modern practice are presented as well as useful guidelines for the right choice of material and the technological process. Аn Information about the regimes of thermal treatment is also provided. The testing methods used in glaze production technology are included as well. Thanks to its scientific and practical orientation, the textbook can be used as a comprehensive methodological guide in the process of obtaining new glazing coatings or modifying existing ones. It is аdressed to students who are trained in the specialties “Design of Porcelain and Glass” and “Ceramics” at the National Academy of Art, as well as for all who are interested in the technology of vitreous silicate coatings.

Ключови думи:

decorative ceramic glazes, ceramists and designers of ceramic products, modern practice, variety of raw materials, technological process, glaze production technology.


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