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Българският период в творчеството на Борис Шац (1895–1906)

Бойка Доневска

Страници: 30-37


New idea bearers during the first two decades after the Liberation became foreign artists among whom are standing out the names of Ivan Mrkvička, Yaroslav Veshin and Boris Schatz – who binded a decade of his life with Bulgaria. And this life is filled with difficulties, unexpected twists and noble ambitions. The remarkable personality of Boris Schatz as a talented sculptor, organizer and pedagogue stands out in the context of the artistic life of his time, where no major cultural event occurs without his energetic interference. It is his efforts to promote modeling as one of the most important disciplines of the artistic education that leads to the creation of the Sculpture specialty at the National Academy of Art. When Schatz dies in 1932, the Bulgarian art has already passed a long way of development, of change of ideas and conflicts between trends and generations. The academism of the “realistic school”, which has earned the artist`s particiality, has long ago been rejected, but his personality remains among the most prominent representatives of the new Bulgarian sculpture.

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Ivan Mrkvička, Yaroslav Veshin and Boris Schatz, Sculpture, art, artistic education, educational models, National Academy of Art, new Bulgarian sculpture.


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