VTU Review: Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Travelling Ideas Between Wales and Brittany

Heather Williams


This article asks what uses two minoritized cultures, Brittany and Wales, make of each other. Travel writing provides a privileged point of access to the issue, and the motif of mutual understanding between the two cultures is a key way in. Analysis of this motif in Welsh-language travel accounts to Brittany by O.M. Edwards, Tro yn Llydaw [A Tour in Brittany] (1888), Ambrose Bebb, Llydaw [Brittany] (1929), Pererindodau [Pilgrimages] (1941), and Dyfnallt, O Ben Tir Llydaw [From the Headland of Brittany] (1934) sheds light on the issues of cultural translation, periphery-periphery relations and Wales’s Europeanness.


Wales, Brittany, France, minoritized cultures, periphery-periphery relations, travel writing, cultural exchange, transnationalism.


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