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Pedagogical Almanac, 2004 / Volume 12 / Issue 1

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Building Social Skils – Task of the New Education
Antoniya Krasteva
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Adoption and Implementation of the Innovation in Education (Models)
Marinela Mihova
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Difficulties in Acquiring of Male and Femal Role(Theоретикал Aspects)
Hristo Iliev Venka Kouteva-Tsvetkova
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Theory of resiliance in the social pedagogical practice
Krasimira Petrova
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The Team Technilogy of Training and its Social-Pedagogical Dimwnsions
Antoniya Krasteva
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Emotional states and the subjectiv prison experience
Svetlana Koleva
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Autistic Disorders of Children
Milena Motsinova-Brachkova
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Modern Trends in the Opinions Accordind Nealthy Eife – Style
Georgi Prodanov
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Musical performance as an artisticcreative activity
Bozhanka Motsanova
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Theory of Resiliance in the social pedagogical Practice
Slavka Petkova-Marchevska
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Methodological Approaches to Teaching Greek as a Foreign Language
Konstantinos Kondoyannnidis
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Biographical sketches of prof. Dina Batoeva
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Hope we’ll be like her!
Marga Georgieva
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Happy jubilee to my reviewer
Darina Gulubova
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A devoted scientist and a pedagogue
Reni Hristova
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Congratulations on reaching your 50th anniversary as a scientist!
Mariana Damyanova
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