Journal Pedagogical Almanac

Pedagogical Almanac, 2007 / Volume 15 / Issue 1

Journal Articles

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Social Education in the Socialization Context
Venka Kouteva-Tsvetkova
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The family of 21st century as a social institution
Penka Kostova
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The External Ration in the end of the Primary School Stage
Lyubomira Popova
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Programming development. Premises, origin and basic concepts of OOP
Ivaylo Donchev
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Problem Approach in The Information Technologies Education
Gergana Markova Mariana Nikolova
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Tеаchers’ knowledge and Skills for Teaching Through ict
Donika Valcheva Margarita Todorova Mariana Nikolova
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Semiotical Aspects of Mathemacal Preschool Training and Education
Darina Gulubova
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Public health and the education of the healthcare professionals
Theodor Popov
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Directions of the developments of mathematics
Violeta Marinova Kamelia Koleva
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The tests in means of increasing the quality of distance education
Mariana Petrova
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New research findings in the education of Roma children in Bulgaria
Hristo Kyuchukov Zina Romanova Zoritsa Tsolova Rostislav Romanov
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Review: Vesselina Petrova. Molivko. Native speech 3-4 years
Natalia Moreva
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Anniversaries. Jubilees
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Round table in memory of associate professor Margarita Kamenova
Veselina Petrova
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