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Pedagogical Almanac, 2018 / Volume 26 / Issue 2

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Physical activity and interest in sports on 11–12-year-old pupils
Stefania Belomazheva-Dimitrova Dimitar Dimitrov
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Formation of readiness of future teachers to apply innovative technologies in professional activity
Tetiana Fedirchyk Maria Komisaryk Kateryna Balaieva
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The theoretical and practical principles of the undergraduate students’ professional and pedagogical preparation
Maria Oliynyk Natalia Machynska Inna Perepeliuk
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Concept of professional preparation of the primary school teacher
Olesia Oliinyk Alena Shulga Natalia Nikula
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Towards professionalization of adult education in Ukraine
Lyudmila Timchuk
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The phenomenon of “REFLECTION” in pedagogical interpretations
Mariana Marusinets
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Socio-psychological determinants of “BURNOUT” syndrome in teachers
Galina Fesun Tatyana Kanivetz
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Study the pulse frequency dynamics in submaximal stress in tennis
Dimitar Dimov
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Study interests of students to the basketball game
Radoslav Nikolov
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Positive example of the training of students-sport pedagogiues
Polina Tsonkova
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Study of sport preparation at 13–14-years of badmintonists
Miroslava Petkova Vasil Vasilev
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Technologies for mathematics and informatics students with vision loss
Anna Stoeva Silvia Varbanova Juliana Dochkova-Todorova
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Communication disorders of people with intellectual disabilities
Desislava Popova
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