Journal Pedagogical Almanac

Pedagogical Almanac, 1999 / Volume 7 / Issue 1

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Attention and Speech
Galia Dantcheva
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Educational Task - a Basic Component of the Educational Process
Violeta Marinova
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The Interest and its Measurement in the Teaching Mathematics
Violeta Marinova Ivanka Georgieva
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Propaedeutios of the Notion Text Problem in Pre-mathematical Period
Darina Gulubova
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The Cognitive Development of the Child in Pre-school Age
Petya Konakchieva
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Leadership in the Small Social Group (Essence, Theories, Measurement)
Krasimira Petrova
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Material and Techniques for Portraying through Appliqued
Nikolay Gyulchev
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"The Secrets" of the Violin Master Niccolo Paganini
Bozhanka Motsanova
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Drawing out the Education of the Folk Musician
Radka Bratanova
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Comparative Aspect of the Higher Education in Ballet
Theodor Popov
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Hypertext, Multimedia and Hybermedia in Mathematics Teaching
Marga Georgieva
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Tests - a Way of Varificaton and Assesment Students'Knowledge in Teaching Mathematics
Ivanka Georgieva Margarita Varbanova
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Increasing the Swimmers' Specialized Physical Preparation with Training Devices
Tsvetanka Dilova-Neykova
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Informatization and Education Tendencies in the Progress
Mariana Petrova
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Of Team Activity in Contemporary Primary School
Antoniya Krasteva
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