Български и румънски женски лични имена, образувани от римско родово име

Гергана Петкова

Страници: 158-163


The research object of the present text is Romanian and Bulgarian female personal names, derived from a Roman gentile name. The main aim is their full list to be presented and their initial meaning as well. As a main source of information for excerpting the researched anthroponyms are used “Dicюionar onomastic Romоnesc” (“Dictionary of Romanian Onomastics”) by N. A. Constantinescu, “Dicюionar de onomasticг” (“Onomastic Dictionary”) by Cr. Ionescu, „Речник на личните и фамилни имена у българите“ (“Dictionary of Bulgarian personal and family names”) by St. Ilchev, „Български собствени имена. Произход и значение“ (“Bulgarian Personal Names. Origin and Meaning”) by G. Weingand, „Честотно- етимологичен речник на личните имена в съвременната българска антропонимия“ (“Etymological Dictionary of the Personal Names in Bulgarian Contemporary Anthroponymy”) and „Честотно-тълковен речник на личните имена у българите“ (“Thesaurus of Bulgarian Personal Names”) by N. Kovachev. The internet sites http://www.behindthename.com and http://www.kurufin.narod.ru/ are used for the both Balkan name systems and for the ethymology of the Romanian and Bulgarian female personal names, derived from a Roman gentile name, as well. All the additional sources of information are listed in section Bibliography at the very end of the text. The researched anthroponyms are divided into two major groups according to: 1) the type of the basic word, used during the process of name derivation, as a part of speech; 2) the model used for anthroponym coining from a Roman gentilel name, i. e. if the Bulgarian and the Romanian name is derived from its form of Nom. sg. or from its root. Additional extralinguistic classification is made according to the canonization of the researched names, i. e. if it is a name of a saint, and, if the saint is canonized only by the Orthodox Church, by the Catholic one, or by the both of them.

Ключови думи:

Bulgarian, Romanian, feminine personal name, Roman gentile name.


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