The Balkans

The Balkans, 2015 / Volume 4 / Issue 1

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Krasimira Mutafova Stela Dermendhzieva Tsenka Ivanova

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Krasimira Mutafova Stela Dermendhzieva Tsenka Ivanova

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Literature as a Sign of Time: Methodological Problems
Dragan Žunic

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Mantinea and Sparta – Victory and Defeat
Zhivko Zhekov

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Romanian Cultural Perceptions of Central Europe
Daniel Citiriga

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Slow Food Movement in Bulgaria – Global Principles, Local Projections
Atanaska Stancheva

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The Parish Network in the Nahiye of Vidin in the 16th–18th Centuries
Atanaska Stamboliyska

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Models of Transferring of Sacredness I: The Town of Samokov
Konstantin Rangochev

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Funeral Lamentation from Golloborda Region, Albania, in Balkan Context
Vesselka Toncheva

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Saints’ Feast Days in Some Italian Towns in the 13th–15th Centuries
Nadezhda Hristova

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The Town of Samokov in the Dispute over Paisiy Hilendarski’s Birthplace
Elisaveta Stoycheva

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Istanbul – from Transcontinental to World City
Petar Stoyanov

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Socio-economic Relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of Cyprus at the Present Stage
Atanas Dermendhziev Polya Yordanova

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Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania’s National Identity
Plamen Parashkevov

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Spatial Changes of the Health Infrastructure in Bulgaria
Dimitar Simeonov

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North Dobruja as Part of the Bulgarian Cultural and Geographical Area
Milen Penerliev

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Bulgarian Organizations and Schools in the Republic of Cyprus
Polya Yordanova

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Spaces and Boundaries in Teaching Geography and Economics
Stela Dermendhzieva Boyanka Dimitrova

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Didactic-Geographical Interpretation of the Balkan Space
Stela Dermendhzieva Petya Sabeva

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The South Morava Morphostructural Zone (The East Part of the Balkan Peninsula)
Tsanko Tsankov Svetla Stankova

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The Map of the Vilayet of the Danube, 1869
Andrey Andreev

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Application of the Project Method in the Study of Population and Settlements
Stela Dermendhzieva Rositsa Vladeva

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Application of GIS in Studying thе Relief of the Shumen Plateau
Rositsa Lazarova

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Contemporary Serbian Literature in Balkan Context
Stana Smilkovic

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The Narrative Models of the Bulgarian National Revival Novel
Elena Tacheva

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Velichko Aleksiev Popov. A Short Review of (Auto) Biografical Information
Milena Zherekarova

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Bulgarian Language Islands on the Balkans
Yovka Tisheva

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On the Translation of Cultural Specifics from the Greek Language
Dimitrios Roumpos

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Inner Form and Motivation of the Phraseological Unit
Neli Ivanova

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Expressing Approximate Quantity in the Romanian and Bulgarian Languages
Silviya Mihailesku Ruksandra Lambru

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