The Balkans

The Balkans, 2019 / Volume 6 / Issue 1

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Introductory Formulas in Bulgarian Songs Observations on Functions
Svetla Dzhivtereva
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Ritual Healing with Water for Childlessness of Bulgarians
Iliyana Gancheva
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Τροφη or for Nutrition in Classical Ancient Greece
Vanya Lozanova-Stantcheva
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The Еlkab Addressing as a Compulsory Element in the Ottoman Documents
Miyryam Salem, Vezhdi Hasan
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On the Origin of 42 Vague or Disputable Surnames
Lyudvig Selimski
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Problematizing Identity Balkan and European Dimensions
Veselin Bosakov
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Diplomatic Projects of the Bulgarian Medieval Queens
Rumyana Komsalova
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Balkan Delegations to the Slavic Congress in Russia (1867)
Andrey Andreev
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The Croatian Parliament and the Idea of Subdualism (1914-1918)
Presiyan Konakchiev
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Urban Tourism as Part of the Urban Regeneration of Petrovaradin Fortress Suburb
Vuk Garaca, Svetlana Vukosav, Milan Bradic, Nevena Ćurcic
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Activity of the Economically Active Population of Certain Ethnic Groups in the Northern Region of Serbia (Vojvodina Region)
Milka Bubalo-Živkovič, Tamara Lukič, Bojan Đerčan
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Geodemographic Characterization of the Republic of Turkey
Leyla Shafka
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Evaluation of the Current Condition and Aspect of Tourism Planning Facilities in Bačka (Vojvodina)’s Industrial Heritage
Svetlana Vukosav, Vuk Garaca Milan Bradic, Nevena Ćurcic
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The Cultural Heritage of the Troodos Mountain Region
Polya Postompirova
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Grain-size Analysis of the Krapets Beach Sand
Galin Petrov
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Some Peculiarities of the Restoration of Landscapes in Bulgaria
Nikola Todorov Maria Petrova
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Private Schools in the Kardzhali Region (1919-1939)
Mustafa Emurla
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