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Второто българско царство в учебникарската книжнина през периода от 40-те г. на XIX в. до Освобождението на България от фондовете на Националния музей на образованието

Димитър Иванов Димитров

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The Second Bulgarian Empire is relatively unknown and is not enough studied as a subject in the text-book literature in the first half of the 19th century which determines the necessity of such a study. The aim of the study is to look at the text and to analyze its content in the books and text-book literature regarding the Second Bulgarian Empire which are kept in the funds of the National Museum of Education – Gabrovo. Another key target of the study is to recognize the role of the text in the textbooks and how it helped for enrichment and improvement of the knowledge of the Bulgarian National Revival intellectuals and the main processes that influenced the development and creation of the so called text-book literature which are: the movement for new Bulgarian Enlightenment, the Hatihumaiun from 1856 and the development of the Official Literary Bulgarian Language. The presence of the Second Bulgarian Empire in the books is important not only for historical reasons but also for the improvement of the history from the Renaissance as a subject. The historical source information is looked at and organized into different topics having in mind the main achievements and tendencies. In order to be much more clear and easy to understand a lot of schedules and charts are used including the New Bulgarian literature, the so called text-book literature, the historical source of information and the printing offices. Some important conclusions are made and the role of the Second Bulgarian Empire in the relevant age into the text-book literature is established.

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Second Bulgarian Empire, text-book literature, book-stocks, history, books, Renaissance, New Bulgarian Enlightenment, Education, spiritual culture.


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