Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Guidelines for authors

Publishing materials must be in one of the following languages: Bulgarian, English, Russian, German or French. Their volume, including the notes, illustrations, and scientific literature, should be up to 15 pages (30,000 characters) maximum.
Format - MS Word 98 (PS) or later versions. Font - Times New Roman, 12 pt for the main text and 10 pt for the notes, Single, Recess 1.25. It is desirable to use Times Greek Old font for the Greek language. If another font is used, it must appear on the electronic media, along with the rest of the material.
Before the basic text, the name of the author of the Cyrillic alphabet and of the Latin alphabet of the same rubric is mandatory. Then consecutively after the title of the material in Bulgarian, the title in English, a brief summary to half a page in English and keywords - also in English.
The comments are reflected after the main text, then the list of quoted books and the list of abbreviations used (at the beginning of the cirrlanist, then the Lithuanian and Greek) and the appendixes (illustrations, schemes, maps), if any.
Photos and images must be presented in a separate TIFF file and a resolution of not less than 300 dpi. There must be no inscriptions on them, only the numbers of the image and the orientation if it is needed.
Way of quoting:
- books and monographs: Magdalino, P. The Empire of Manuel I Comenius (1143-1180). Cambridge, 1993
- studies, articles and reports in periodicals: Angelov, D. The Congress of Byzantologists in Romania. - Historical Review, 27/6, (1972), 132-140.
- studies, articles and reports in collections: Yordanov, I. Seals of Nestor - the rebellion from Parrition. - In: Collection in honor of Prof. Yordan Yordanov, Veliko Tarnovo, 2003, 308-311.
- springs: Ioannis Skilitsa. Synopsis. Rec. I. Thurn, Berolini et Novi Eboraci, 1973.
All titles quoted in Cyrillic (in Bulgarian or Russian) should also be written in latin transliteration in large square brackets immediately after the Cyrillic alphabet.
Hadjinikolov, C. General Issues of Ethnographic Science. - In: Ethnography of Bulgaria. T. I. C., 1980, 53-59. [Chadjinikolov, V. Obshi vaprosi on the ethnography of the doctrine. - V: Ethnography of Bulgaria. T. I. S., 1980, 53-59].
The materials must be accompanied by a summary in English, as well as the title and keywords in English.
Ready-to-publish materials should be submitted at the following address: ist@uni-vt.bg