Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2019 / Volume 13 / Issue 1

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Reform of Gaius Marius Myths and Reality
Zhivko Zhekov
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The Creation of so-called Macedonian Regiment in Ukraine
Galin Dimitrov
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Russia, European Forces and Rzeczpospolita (1740–1768)
Aleksander Popp
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Creation of the 4th (Karlovo) Peshtera Military Squad
Anton Donchev
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Health care in Burgas (1878 – 1900)
Georgi Drakaliev
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Yambol Events of March 1923
Todor Dimov
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Deng Xiaoping and the Road to the Globalism with Chinese Characteristics
Silviya Aleksandrova
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The Bulgarian Embroidery in the European Fashion
Malvina Aleksandrova
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Cultural Geography and “New Cultural Geographies”
Atanas Dermendzhiev
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Mind Map of Training the Geographic of the Countries Essence, Meaning, Application
Stela Dermendzhieva Tamara Draganova
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Leading Causes for Death in North Bulgaria (2006–2016)
Petya Kancheva
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Grigor Popov the Intellectual of the Ludogorie the Man, the Dreamer
Veselin Keremedchiev
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Analysis of the Economy of Province North Rhine-Westphalia
Ivaylo Totev
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