Journal De Jure

Code of Ethics

Ethical rules for the work of Journal "De Jure"

The Editorial Board of the journal accepts and adheres to the principles of publication ethics, adopted by the international academic community and stated in the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) – a nonprofit organization whose mission is to determine the best practices in academic publication ethics and aid the editors and publishers in their adoption.

These ethical rules has been applied in the relations of the editorial board of the Journal De jure and the authors in the journal as well as between editors and reviewers identified for analysis papers, submitted for publication.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure compliance with high ethical standards adopted both in national scientific circles and in the international scientific community.

The publication of Journal De Jure requires from its authors scientific papers that:

* are independent works of the authors

* are written with respect to the scientific achievements of the cited authors

* are submitted for publication in accordance with the standards adopted in the Journal De Jure in respect of citations that are an annex to these ethical rules

* in the cases of co-authorship, they reflect the contributions and responsibilities of each author for the conclusions, concerned in the work

* have not been published elsewhere except in foreign scientific journals and in a foreign language

* are submitted for publication by letter from the author stating that the work complies with the requirements set out in these ethical rules.

It is not allowed assessing the quality of the publishing work to be carried out by a member of the editorial board, which has not signed the declaration that there is no conflict of interest with the authors and not biased towards scientific quality of the author.

The editorial will not publish works that contain an attack or disrespect for the work of other authors. Disputes should be guided by scientific arguments and in keeping with the highest standards of preservation of the author's authority of the criticized scientific issues.

There will also be no papers which, in deviation from the principle of scientific good faith, are clearly biased political positions.

The editorial will not publish works that deviate both with its conclusions and with its tone from the basic values of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

At its meeting on May 11, 2012, the Editorial Board of De Jure Journal adopted a decision to apply specific requirements for the acceptance of articles, studies and scientific communications for printing in De jure magazine as of 01.09.2012.

The authors of Journal De Jure are responsible for the originality and scientific contributions of their publications.

If the publisher has found violations of these ethical rules, or when it finds that the work submitted does not meet the minimum standards for scientific contributions, the matter concerns a resolution by the editorial board. The publication is returned to the author with an indication of the violations or findings found. The author has the right to object, which is discussed by the Editorial Board, which makes a final decision.

If necessary or in a dispute in the editorial office, the editor-in-chief is entitled to nominate reviewers to give additional opinion on the originality and scientific value of a particular publication.

The edit does not provide third parties with information about rejected works, regardless of the reason.

Each author has the right to withdraw the work submitted for publication at the latest by 30.12.2018

The Editorial Board discusses all reports of violations of these ethical rules in published articles. The relevant author is invited to give a written statement. If the editorial board considers that work has been published in violation of these ethical rules, it apologizes to the readers in the next issue.

These ethical rules were adopted at a meeting of the De Jure Journal's Editorial Board.