Дехуманизация и антихуманизъм в съвременната култура

Момчил Шивачев Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 159-179


Human – this is the most complicated and unique creation of the immense universe! In one way or another, Homo sapiens has always been a main topic of the various scientific branches, even not only of the humanitarian ones. In attempts to study itself, humanity has always, in each separate era, shaped its original and specific cultural horizon. During the Renaissance ages, writers, poets, artists, musicians and creators as a whole, viewed and perceived the perfect human as a ”wreath of nature”. But unfortunately today this “pedestal” has been brutally destroyed. We can blame this kind of negative state mostly on the American type of culture which is very widely spread and copied by the rest of the nations. In this sense, the cultural messages of the USA have long been provoking humanity’s value consciousness and also suggesting a large number of dehumanization and anti-humanism examples. In this way, the above specified negative issues could be summarized in at least five cultural trends: 1. Scientific development – especially in the field of nuclear weapon – has shown humanity that under certain circumstances it can actually disappear from the surface of the Earth for the matter of seconds. Astrophysics itself irretrievably proved that we are absolutely not a “wreath of nature” but we are more of diminutive flecks of dust in the infinite universe. All of this seems to strongly contribute to the freeing of hedonistic consumerism as a modern cultural paradigm. Secondly, we almost inevitably find anti-humanistic elements also in the modern –most commonly read –American action-thriller books. Filled with a ”speedy action” and “breathtaking” pages, they usually put humans in a struggle with a complicated conspiracy System. The outcome, however, is not always a happy ending. The third aspect of our cultural dehumanization seems to be the most indisputable one: the blockbusters. Science fiction movies, concerning post-apocalyptic problems, are united together by impressively pessimistic plots related to the possible end of society. As far as the horror movies, which have recently obtained significant audience interest, are concerned, they are a threatening symptom of the automatization, alienation and “chilling” of human relations in the nightmare of the depressing urbanization. The fourth element, clearly marking our anti-humanistic routine is found in the bold provocativeness of heavy metal bands. Quite often, their names and lyrics are distinctly sinister and some of their videos or album covers are definitely not recommendable for people with weak nerves. The fifth aspect of the cultural degradation of modern societies is consisted in the presumptuous revilement of the authentic /humanistic/ Christian religion. The beginning should be sought in the emergence of Protestantism through which we are today witnessing a multitude of “Post-Christian”, even purely here- mystic “religions”, cults and sects. Their wacky culmination is freely based in “Church of Satan” in the USA. Despite the clear presence of all the listed negative cultural trends of the modern era, however, humanity is called to find by itself more positive future values and orientations. Otherwise, it could even destroy itself.

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humanism, dehumanization, culture


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