Проучванията по нова и най-нова история в списание „Епохи“ от неговото създаване до днес

Радослав Мишев Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, България

Страници: 200-204


The aim of this articleis to analyze and compare the researchin the magazine “Epochs”, which wasmade for the Newest and General history, from 1993 till 2018. Statistics showthatinthis period there were 102 articles published, which were regarding the New General history, the Modern General history, the history of Russia and the history of the Balkan nations, which is approximately 15.1% out of all 644 articles. Most of the mare regarding the New history. Thereis a balanced presence of representatives from different countries, universities, institutesetc. Whenit comes to subjects of the articles the rear et womain tendencies: 1. The publications follow the personal research orientation of the author; 2. Some of the publications out line other research subjects from the General history. Thereis a wide variety of the subjects – from the politics of the Great powers to the historyof different countries, colonial an do thermatters. Articles, which wereregarding the history of Russia and the Balkan nations history, were also published. The publications were based on authoritative and diverse, evidential matterand on a high scientifically level.

Ключови думи:

article, New general history, Modern general history, History of Russia, History of the Balkans.


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