Годишник на Историческия факултет

За историята на основаването на Ески Джума и Осман Пазар до избора им за центрове на нахии

Алджан Джафер
Мийрям Салим

Страници: 163-178


The conquest of the Balkans by the Ottomans was the beginning of a new and brighter period for this geography. During this period of domination, which lasted about five hundred years, the social, economic and cultural structure of the region has shown great progress. The Ottomans followed a systematic settlement policy in Rumelia. However, many regions of Rumelia have become a scene for the intense Turkish migration and settlement process due to the migrations and exiles from Anatolia to the Balkans, which have lasted for many years. Since the Ottoman conquest Northeast Bulgaria has become an important center in terms of the organization and settlement processes of the Turkish population. Since the establishment of the Ottoman rule in Northeast Bulgaria until today there are settlement centers around which the Turkish population is concentrated. Some of them are Targovishte, in Turkish Eski Djuma, which appear in the documents as Djuma-i Atik and Djuma Pazari and Omurtag, in Turkish Osman Pazar, which are connected to Tirgovishte province. Initially, these two accommodation units have been connected to Shumnu, Ala Kilise and Gerlovo districts of the Nigbolu Sanjak (Crusade), but later on have developed into separate districts. The written sources about the histories of the cities are not completed yet. In this study the process of development of the cities (Eski Djuma and Osman Pazari) from their establishment in the Ottoman period until the moment they become separate districts (nahiye) will be followed and examined. The information about Eski Djuma and Osman Pazarý city centers and the developments will be mainly based on the Ottoman Archive documents related to Osman Pazarý (Omurtag), the documents preserved in the History Museum of Týrgoviþte (Eski Djuma) and Akinci Defteri, which has been recorded in the second half of 16st century

Ключови думи:

Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Targovishte, Eski Djuma, Omurtag, Osman Pazari.


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