Кохерентен контур на ризомата на хуманитарното знание и платформа на ноосферата на В.И. Вернадски за библиосферата

Александра Куманова

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t is shown the branching of the humanitarian knowledge in the primary and universal international secondarydocumentary sources. The intrinsic polysemy of the term humanitarian leads to different conceptions. There are three philosoiphical concepts, in various modifications: 1) Western philosophical-scientific tradition based on the global and human values; 2) Eastern European philosophical-scientific literature in the period 1917/1944-1945 – 1989 within the rigid scheme of the Marxism-Leninism ideological doctrines; 3) (anthropologic-) cosmical: multy-level humansignificant undoubtedly connected to the non-classical paradigm of the unity of different lines of reassessment of relations between philosophy, religion, arts and ordinary life. The Russian idea (cosmism) and the teaching of V. I. Vernadskiy about the transition of biosphere into noosphere are perceived in connection with the paradigm that the living universe is self-cognoscible through Man (ideas of cyclical dynamics of N. D. Kondratiev; multy-level selforganization increasing the unity and the variety of forms of reality and consciousness of A. A. Bogdanov, A. A. Lyubishchev; the problem of Human studies in the light of non-classical knowledge of V. P. Kaznacheev – A. I. Subetto). It is studied the discipline field of the humanitarian knowledge on the ground of the new paradigm of the humanization of all knowledge. The interrelation of science, arts, literature, everyday life and religion has been revealed. In general all the human knowledge is perceived in its humanitarian capacity and orientation, and the international universal bibliography is presented as a bibliospherical stage of the noosphere.

Ключови думи:

humanitarian knowledge – humanitarian-scientific knowledge – non-classical paradigm – rhizome – noosphere – bibliosphere – international universal bibliography


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