На международно равнище за професиологията на специалните библиотеки

Александра Куманова

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The high scientific level of the research work Special Libraries in the History of the Country [Russia] has been achieved through skillfully pre-composition of the material in the collection accumulating during the decades of XX-XXI c. on the special libraries of the publications of T. F. Karatigina. The book is a collection, made by author’s works in five parts: 1. General theoretical questions of the development of the special libraries: typology, functions, mission; 2. Formation and development of scientific-technical and other special libraries in Soviet and post-Soviet time. Special library at the threshold of XXI c.; 3. Librarians with scientific and technical profile; 5. Materials from the sessions of the Sections of special and scientific-technical libraries of IFLA. In the materials there are mutually complementing and dialoguing which is very valuable in connection with the author’s position – to be read not only as a global text, but also in different approaches, compositions, variety of themes. The high research standard of the edition is backed by its system of references: Systematized chronological list of the works of T. F. Karatigina (p. 453-455); Index of names (p. 479-481); Subject index (p. 482-485).

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special libraries – scientific-technical libraries – theory – history – professiology – international framework


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