Издателската и печатарската дейност на Любен Каравелов между 1868–1878 г. в мемоарно-документални и книговедски източници

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Лъчезар Георгиев

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This study summarizes and classifies the most important literary and documentary sources relating to the editorial, publishing and printing a publicist and writer Luben Karavelov and relating to the period between 1868–1878, the examples used in chronological order. Bring assessments of prominent Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian and Romanian scientists who examined the activity of Luben Karavelov as an artist, publicist, publisher and owner of the printing press. Discussed: documentary sources; research with historical and literary character; wholly or partially oriented literary studies; springs from scientific collections of documents of historical specificity; biographies published in books and periodicals. • The first authors who write for publishing and printing Luben Karavelov (S. S. Bobchev, Stoyan Zaimov, Zahari Stoyanov, Paraskev Stoyanov, Philip Simidov, Konstantin Velichkov) rely on immediate evaluation by contemporaries and eyewitnesses . • Important information about L. Karavelov as a publicist, editor and publisher, owner of a printing are contained in the documentary collections of archival material from the Renaissance, compiled by D. T. Strashimirov, Peter Miyatev, Krumka Sharova and etc. • The value of research publishing and printing Luben Karavelov start publications Stiliyan Kutinchev, Nicolas Nachov, Stiliyan Chilingirov, Boyan Penev, Dimitar T. Strashimirov, continuing after World War II with the larger biographical studies by Ivan Undzhiev (in his biography for Vasil Levski) in solid monographs on Karavelov life path, publishing and his creative offerings presented by serious standing in the scientific problems researchers Mikhail Dimitrov, Mikhail Arnaoudov, George Ignjatovich, Constantine the Great, Ivan Radev, L. Vorobjov, etc. • An important finding and testing with historical local lore character literary topics from authors like Simeon Papurov, Marin Kovachev, Ivan Radev, clarifying the first steps and the overall activity of printing – publishing “Knowledge” of L. Karavelov in the old capital. • The retrospective nature of the writing of Kiro Tuleshkov and Panaiot Tipografov, from the perspective of direct participants in the printing and publishing processes related to printing Karavelov “Freedom” in Bucharest and “Knowledge” in Turnovo, import professional peculiar specifics of print communication from the 60s – 70 years of the nineteenth century and are a valuable historiographical source for publishing and printing work in Bulgaria in Bulgarian revival and immediately after the liberation. • The objective and thorough evaluations in the books of George Borshukov, Docho Lekov, Djordje Ignjatovic, Krumka Sharova, Ivan Stoyanov, Lachezar Georgiev complement this critical and bibliographical review.

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printer, publisher, writer, journalist, editor, documentary sources, historical research, critical and bibliographical review.


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