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Александра Куманова

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Awarded on 21. 12. 2012 with the honorary title Creator of SULSIT Prof. DSc. Alexandra Kumanova on 19. 12. 2013 was elected as a member of the Saint Petersburg Arctic Academy of Sciences (Section of Information Technologies). On 27. 12. 2013 ensued her election as member of the International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) in Moscow, Russia and on 5. 03. 2014 she was elected in the Presidium of the Section of Library Studies at the same Academy. Here is published a part from the academic speech of Prof. DSc. Alexandra Kumanova delivered before an Annual Meeting, dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Section of Library Studies at I.I.A. in the framework of the Academic lectures. This speech gives an idea about the infosphere (information space – information environment). It elucidates the ontological synthesis of the problem and treats the philosophic reminiscences… It is published also the memorable photo from the Meeting of 5. 03. 2014 – the third at left in the front row is seated Prof. A. Kumanova; behind her standing are: the President of the Section of Library Studies at I.I.A. acad. Yu. N. Stolyarov; on his left – acad. V. N. Nabatnikov, President of I.I.A.; behind Stolyarov – acad. V. K. Klyuev, Vice-President of the Section of Library Studies at I.I.A.

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Prof. A. Kumanova – academician – photo from the Meeting of the Section of Library Studies at the International Informatization Academy (5. 03. 2014) – academic speech – infosphere (information space – information environment) – ontological synthesis – reminiscences (Apollo – Dionysus – Orpheus – Odysseus lines of information modeling)


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