VERBA MAGISTRI Пролегомена към ризома на библиосферата

Александра Куманова

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It is shown the fate of the work of the world known Russian historian, bookman and bibliographer K. R. Simon (1887–1966) History of Foreign Bibliography (1963), which belongs to the immortal panorama of the genesis of the secondary documentary phenomena similar to the conceptions of the works of the G. Schneider and L.-N. Malclиs. In this work K. R. Simon on the position of his author concept represent some trunks: 1. determination of the periods in the history of world bibliography; 2. main lines of the development of the bibliographical genres; 3. prognostic analysis of the bibliographic trends. The appearance nowadays of the second edition of this work is the very reason of this reaction focused on his achievements which are a phenomenon in the modern rhizome-reticular ideas of bibliosphere (bibliography as a noospheric factor). As addendum there is a biobibliographic sketch of K. R. Simon. On the ground of the retrospective – current and cumulative – universal selected bibliographic indexes (guides to the literature) of second degree within international range in XX century, K. R. Simon makes them a scientific basis of his scope (within the field bibliography of bibliographies). The perceivement of the international bibliography of bibliographies becomes an important methodological tool in his work. The methodology of the morphological conception of the bibliography of K. R. Simon is presented as a corner stone in the formation of the rhizome-reticular ideas about the history of the bibliosphere in ХХ–ХХІ centuries (G. Schneider – K. R. Simon – L.-N. Malclиs; A. Taylor – I. V. Gudovshchikova) based on the developing line of the bibliographic knowledge as a world tectonic secondary documentary system of the humanity (J.-F. Nee de La Rochelle – M. N. Kufaev – G. Schneider – P. Otlet – A. Lysakowski – S. Vrtel-Wierczinsky – M. Dembowska – S. R. Ranganathan – E. I. Shamurin – K. R. Simon – O. P. Korshunov – R. S. Gilyarevski – W. Kunz – J. H. Shera – J. Licklieder – D. Fosket – B. Usherwood – P. M. Roy – A. V. Sokolov – N. A. Slyadneva…). This line is enculcated into the secondary documentary entity of the universal bibliography of second degree (K. Gessner – Ph. Labbй – A. Teyssier – E.-G. Peignot – J. P. Namur – J. Petzholdt – J. Power – J. Sabin – L. Vallet – Ch.-V. Langlois – A. Stein – A. G. S. Josephson – W. Grundtvig – Th. Besterman – T. Borov…).

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universal international bibliography – universal bibliographic guides – history – bibliographic studies – rhizome-reticular methodology – bibliographic morphology – G. Schneider – K. R. Simon – L.-N. Malclиs – A. Taylor – I. V. Gudovshchikova


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