Книга за професор Стоян Денчев – щрихи към портрета на виден учен, творец и общественик

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Professor Stoyan Denchev : Primus inter pares : Outlines to the cognitologic portrait, made as an interview : Manual for students ... in the subjects of information and communication cycle of knowledge) / SULSIT ; Interviewer and Epilogue A. Kumanova ; Ed. and deixis N. Vasilev ; Rev.: A. Sokolov, D. Christozov, E. Cohen, N. Kazanski. – Sofia : Za bukvite – О писменехь, 2015. – 184 p. : with ill. – (Torch-bearers ; ХІV) Jub. ed. ded. to: 70th ann. of UNESCO and 65th ann. of the State Institute of Library Studies – today: State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. – Ref. and notes ; Index of names ; List of ill. ; Abbreviations. – In Bulg. Problems, related to important issues of the contemporary historical and cultural situation, which existed in our society in the last decades of 20 century and the beginning of 21 century, have been asked in the present book – a Manual of cognitologic personal sketches in the subjects of information and communication cycle of knowledge – of the mathematician and informatician, the creator of the theory of information environment, the architect of the modern informatization without geographic, administrative and institutional boundaries Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev – an outstanding public and political figure of the new generation, rector of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. The thoughts and ideas of Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev are of particular value because they reveal different approaches of the treated problems and propose their possible and already implemented by him in practice solutions at high scientific and professional level. Especially essential is that the conceptions of Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev with their harmony and humanity contribute to the abolition of the primitive restrictive artificial barriers between different domains of the human knowledge which are vividly and multiply- interrelated in fact. In this connection the presented discourse is a useful empirical and theoretical material in the field of science of science, interdisciplinary relations between information realities, psychology of the scientific creation, intentions on implementation of major ideas in the social practice. The focal point of this interview are the ideas and the personality of Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev.

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historical and cultural situation; society; conceptions; scientific creation; social practice; human knowledge; information realities


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