Ключът от каретата на папа Клементе ХI Две лисабонски истории

Лъчезар Георгиев

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The presented text is an excerpt from the prepared print book by Bulgarian writer Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev: "Pocket stories about the way to the ocean". In this publication are stories from the same book. This publication includes two thematically linked short stories with a common title:“The key from the carriage of Pope Clement The XI” (I. “Mission in the Museum of carriages – Lisbon” and II. “Meeting at Basilica Eshtrela”). These stories were written as a result of creative travel a writer L. Georgiev to Lisbon in 2015 and 2016. From Bulgaria arrives in Lisbon a photojournalist, he must execute a death promise of his uncle – sailor on coastal passenger cruise. The uncle saves a woman named senhora Celeste, which wants to shed in the ocean. In return, she handed him a medallion with the image of the Virgin Mary and The Babe Jesus Christ, long held by her kind of Portuguese nobles. A man from the Balkans should put this cross-pendant in the carriage of Pope Clement XI. The coach was given to the Portuguese King Don Joao V for baptism of his Crown Prince. The cross-pendant will unlock prosperity to Portuguese Noblemen and the beautiful senhorita Joana, which is the niece of Donia Celeste, but will bring good luck to the carrier on the cross – the Bulgarian photojournalist, who also will receive the key to your happiness. The action takes place in the newly opened Museum of carriages in Lisbon. In carrying out its mission, the Bulgarian gets help from Portugal senor Gabriele de Sosa. After the Bulgarian photojournalist provides photographs with the placement of the cross pendant at an undisclosed location in the carriage of Pope Clemente XI in front of the beautiful senhorita Joana, between two flares up unexpected sympathy that will grow in love. In the narrative, has a very long reflection on the meaning of life and the unexpected happiness.

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carriage of Pope Clemente XI; Museum of carriages in Lisbon; ocean; a Bulgarian photojournalist, stories; a medallion with the image of the Virgin Mary, Basilica Eshtrela, pasteis de nata, Jesus Christ, Virgin of Fatima.


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