Във ВТУ „Св. св. Кирил и Методий” катедра „Книгоиздаване и БИД” отбеляза юбилея на проф. д-р Лъчезар Георгиев

Стела Валериева

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This article was written by Stela Valerieva Georgieva, PhD. The article presents information to mark the 60th anniversary of Professor Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev, PhD in Department of book publishing and library and information activities of “St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo”. Along with this article are presented the latest original books of prof. Lachezar Georgiev, and information for his visits with scientific and artistic purpose to Lisbon in July 2016 with the intent to study and write a book about the writer Jusé Saramago. Analyse issued in early 2016 book “PROF. LACHEZAR GEORGIEV PHD: BIBLIOGRAPHY”. It is noted that prof. Lachezar Georgiev in preparation for its author a narrative book with the working title “Pocket stories on the way to the ocean” which has a story line of Portugal and Lisbon. The article also notes the fact that in 2014 prof. Lachezar Georgiev PhD published english-language monograph “Management and Strategy in Book Publishing and Printed Communications” (2014), which is already owned several libraries with European and world. In 2015 it was issued and his bilingual book „Angel’s face“ (Short stories) in English and Bulgarian. In 2016 were published copyright books of prof. Lachezar Georgiev „Book publishing in Bulgaria 1806–1944“ (first edition), “Composition of the Book” (4. revised edition) and “Strategic approaches in publishing and print communications“ ( 4. The revised edition). The main part of the author’s books. Lachezar Georgiev are related to book publishing, graphic communication and publishing processes in Bulgaria and around the world, so continue to interest and attract professionals, students, scientists, a wide range of readers.

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