Експедиция във Воттоваара – Карелия и Аркаим – Урал: центрове на праевропейската цивилизация в Русия

Александра Куманова
Стоян Денчев
Николай Василев
Никола Казански

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The First Bulgarian scientific expedition in Vottovaara – Karelia and Arkaim – the Urals was realized in August 2015 bythe University of Library Studies and Information Technologies and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences under the auspices of International Informatization Academy at UN, Arctic Academy of Sciences and Noospheric Academy of Sciences in Russia. In the Ural region the mission was carried out under the auspices of the Governor of Chelyabinsk province of the Russian Federation Boris Alexandrovich Dubrovskiy. The goal of the expedition was to trace the transmission of the Solar cult on the recently found archeological artifacts – in the Vottovaara Mountain in Karelia and in the Historical Cultural Reserve Arkaim in the Southern Urals, Russia. The scientific head of the expedition is Prof. DSc. Stoyan Denchev (classification and metaclassification; information environment); team: Prof. DSc. Alexandra Kumanova (philosophical science of science and secondary-documentary mapping); Assoc. Prof. Nikola Kazanski, PhD (terminology); Assist. Prof. Nikolay Vasilev, PhD (linguistical approach). The present study points at two interconnected information flows: 1) The great migration of the Proto-Aryans back in the millenaries (from 20 000 to 5 000 yrs B.C.), realized presumably from the North – Hvanirata (accordint to Avesta) which during the millenaries was sinking and its extremely progressive people – Aryans has been descending to the South and South-East – on the mountains Vottovaara in Karelia and the Urals, where THE COUNTRY OF CITIES was built WITH THE PHENOMENAL SOLAR DESIGN OF ARKAIM AND FROM HERE THEY HAVE DIRECTED TO THE IRANIAN PLATEAU IN ORDER TO REALIZE THEIR SPECTACULAR GIGANTIC ROAD IN THE HISTORY WHICH HAS REACHED ALSO THE BALKAN PENINSULA: the complex is treated as a methodological unit of the studies many-sided phenomena indicated in the title here; 2) it is defined the methodological question: the transmissions of the Solar cult spread from the North all over the world, took place in numerous fire practices penetrated in the Balkan Peninsula from Asia Minor, deeply enrooted in the Iranian cultural area and connected to the Aryans beliefs – FROM WHAT KIND OF PROTO-SOLAR CULT DERIVED (we have studied these fire practices in Iran and Turkey – Northern Mesopotamia: the “mouth” of the problem; now we are directing to its “source”)…The Proto-Aryans and the Proto-Slavs who have always been an integral entity but have not developed in the same direction – the Aryans migrated to South-East (Iranian and Indo-Europeans) and to South-West (Celts and Thracians) have EVER followed the religion of the Sun. This is confirmed by all our studies in Russia, Anatolia and Iran. Later on, when they passed through different practices, related to the fire as a supreme symbol of the Sun, the solar religion of the Aryans from Arkaim developed into Zoroastrianism and at the end into Christianity. In the Christian faith the God’s light occupies a special place as a supreme expression of the Divine substance (Hebrew: shekhina – Divine presence /comp.: presence knowledge/)… This is the burning bush which was not consumed by the fire of Moses!!! The most recent example of this is the teaching of Petar Danov – the Master (with the Indo-Aryan name Beinsa Duno, 1864 – 1944) as a follower of the Bogomils (Manicheans – Zorostrians – Arkaimeans). Namely in this very context the Nestinars are priests of the Devine fire which not only do not consume them, but also enlighten them and even dawn upon them with a providential gift (as it was in the case of the last true nestinarian Grandmother Zlata)…

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First Bulgarian scientific mission in Vottovaa-ra – Karelia and Arkaim – the Urals (2015) – Proto-Aryans and Proto-Slavs: cultural and phenomenological decoding of mythological, historical and linguistic approach


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