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The Way To Atlantic – Entertaining Journey To The Humanity And The Hope [Review]

Stela Georgieva

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The present text is a review by Stela Georgieva PhD about the book by Prof. Lachezar Georgiev “Pocket stories about the way to the ocean” with analyzes of the text of some stories from the same book. Publications about the same book are quoted in the national and regional Bulgarian media. The collection of short stories “Pocket stories about the way to the ocean” (Sofia: AN-DI, 2017. – 184 p.: ill) by Bulgarian writer Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev (Member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers) includes a preface by the author of “Introductory words”, eight stories: THE KEY FROM THE CARRIAGE OF POPE CLEMENT XI; MEETING AT BASILICA ESHTRELA; BANG; BEYOND BLUE; OF BELEM TOWER;THE SOUVENIR; LISBON STRANGER; POINT-BLANK SHOT; LANDING, and ends with an afterword “Final chords”. Further includes the following additional texts: BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTICE (Bibliographic notes on published in this collection of short stories by Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev and Copyright art books by Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev) and UNKNOWN WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS.Fascinating stories, unexpected twists in the action entertaining intrigue, psychological dissection on the main characters fill the pages of this book. The first three stories are thematically linked. The characters in the stories are Portuguese, Bulgarians, Germans, Italians. The action in the stories evolve in Lisbon, Berlin, Milan Malpensa Airport on the Atlantic coast, in the plane, in Lisbon hotels, squares Marques de Pombal and Rossio, Basilica an Eshtrela, Eshtoril and the Atlantic Ocean near the Portuguese coast. The book features the story “The Lisbon stranger” – a Bulgarian, frustrated by problems in his former job, he left his homeland and arrived in Lisbon, where a day of lanes under the palm trees of Avenida da Liberdade he met man dressed as a hobo. The stranger striking resemblance to Jesus Christ and speaks with deep and wise words, then disappears like a ghost. The bulgarian decided to stay in Lisbon, hoping to meet God again. The same story is described and handsome Portuguese Senor Francisco that helps Bulgarian friend in his new life. In the first two stories Gabriele de Sosa helps his younger bulgarian frend – the photographer Daniel Valentinov (Daniel Valente) put medallion with the image of the Virgin Mary and The Babe Jesus Christ in the carriage of Pope Clemente XI in a Lisbon museum. This will be unlocked happiness for young beauty Joana Rodrigues and her family of small, but worthy nobles. The first three stories are tracing the love between Daniel and Joana. The third story “Bang” Senhor Gabriele de Sosa when he witnessed a criminal conspiracy by the cousin entrepreneur Manuel de Brash, which wants to remove the Bulgarian Daniel Valente and Joana, to become the sole heir of the old family house and in its place to build a huge hotel. Gabriele de Sosa sacrifices his life to save Joana and Daniel Valente. Stayed several times in Lisbon, Lachezar Georgiev Georgiev perfectly knows the interior of the city, describes interesting landscapes, attractive places of the Portuguese capital city and its surroundings. Written in a fascinating and emotional, the stories of “Pocket stories about the way to the ocean” are to read in one breath. They reader finds reflection of primordial human values and exciting encounters with the unknown are peculiar journey to humanity and hope for a better world.


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