Guidelines for authors


Each paper submitted for publication in the journal should be written in Bulgarian or English. Blind review process is applied. There is no pre-defined limit for the paper length, but reviewers and / or editorial board may recommend shortening or supplementing the text. The editorial board takes the final decision to publish a paper in the journal.

Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format to email address They must possess the following structure and formatting:

·         Title – Font Size: 14; Font Style: Bold;

If the paper is in Bulgarian, the title should appear also in English.

·         Authors’ names – Font Size: 12;

·         Abstract in English – Font Size: 10; Font Style: Italic;

·         Keywords in English –Font Size: 10; Font Style: Italic;

·         Text of the paper, consisting from several sections – Font Size: 12;

The figures must be integrated in the text, with numbers and captions centered below them.

The tables must have numbers and captions above them, aligned right.

The equations must be numbered – with numbers in brackets aligned to the right.

The referencing in the paper to literature sources must be indicated by figures in square brackets.

·         Acknowledgements – Font Size: 12;

This section is optional. It indicates the funding sources for the research and/or appreciation for non-author persons who have supported the research and the paper creation.

·         References – Font Size: 12;

All reference items in Cyrillic should be also presented in Latin (transliteration).

The citation of literature sources in the paper text should be indicated by the serial number of the literature source in the references section enclosed in square brackets.

The literature sources should be arranged in alphabetical order of the last names of the first authors and should follow the bibliographic ACM standard, whose description can be found at

·         Information about the author(s) – Font Size: 12.


Pages formatting: Page Setup - Top: 2 cm, Bottom: 2 cm, Inside: 2 cm, Outside: 2 cm; Paper Size: A4; Header – as given in the sample file.

Pages must not be numbered.

Font and paragraph formatting: Font: Times New Roman; Line spacing: Single; Paragraph, Special: First Line, By: 1 cm; Paragraph, Above, After: 0.

Section titles formatting: Font Style: Bold.

The names of the author(s) and author information section must be removed on initial submission to implement a blind peer review. Please apply the sample.

Each of the authors must certify with a declaration that the proposed paper was not published or submitted for consideration for publication elsewhere.

If the paper is accepted for publication in the journal, its final version must be submitted to the above mentioned email address as a Microsoft Word document for the purpose of performing prepress and printing by ”St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University Press.