, 2016 / Volume 10 / Issue 1

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Welcoming speech by acad. professor Mihail Videnov, Sc. D
Mihail Videnov
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Welcoming speech by professor Hristina Staneva, PhD
Hristina Staneva
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Linguistics and Common Sense
Stefana Dimitrova
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Current Issues Facing the Bulgarian Linguists
Mihail Videnov
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Representativ, Expressive and Appellative Function in the Bulgarian Language
Helmut Wilhelm Schaller
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Relay Questions Spontaneous Speech
Ivelina Savova
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Pragmatic Markers or Parasitic Words in Formal Communication
Yovka Tisheva
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Speech and Orthoepy - What do Bulgarians Think?
Penka Pehlivanova Stoyan Burov
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Household pets and Numerals for Male Persons
Kjetil Re Hauge
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Possible Single-constituent Statements Substituted as Complex Ones
Stanislava Kirilova
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Utterance Goal and Metaphor Generation
Verginiy Koleva
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Notes about the Use of Some Verbs in Colloquial Speech
Tedora Rabovyanova
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Colloquil Elements in Advertisement Texts
Stoyanka Mitzeva
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Oral Communication in Hospitals as Object of Evaluation
Evdokiya Skocheva Veselina Nyagolova
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Adult-child Communication in Roma Families
Hristo Kyuchukov
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Students' and Adults' Attitudes towards Jargon, Vulgar Language and Professional Lexis
Stefanka Fetvadzhieva-Abazova
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On the Final Voicing of Consonants in Bilingual Colloquial Speech
Vladislav Marinov
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Subject Doubling (Tripling) in the Speech of Viennese Bulgarians
Ana Kocheva-Lefedzhieva
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About the Authors
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About the Authors
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