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Пердика II и Атина в контекста на Пелопонеската война

Живко Жеков

Страници: 346-368


The history of Ancient Macedonia and Athens in antiquity are closely related especially in the period V–IV BC. That their relationship is determined by several major factors including the first should be pointed out the need of the Athenians of wood for the production of military and commercial ships, which they imported mostly from Macedonia. No less important for Athens has a strategic location Macedonia right bank of the Thermaic Gulf, the control of which is of very great importance for the Athenians account their desire to master domination positions in the region of Halkidiki peninsula and along the lower reaches of the river Strimon. Macedonia immediately adjacent to these areas and can therefore be used as a base for their conquest, in case it was an ally of Athens. In their relationship during the Peloponnesian War is of particular interest. First, because of the relatively good condition of the source basis and secondly because in this period the contacts between them are especially intense and well reflected in the preserved ancient narrative tradition. The policy of Perdiccas II to Athens during the Peloponnesian War can be evaluated essentially as successful. Macedonai is facing a superior it in its military, political and economic force capabilities. He tried and largely managed to limit the Athenian influence in the region of Halkidiki. And because he has no powers skilfully using the resources of its allies.

Ключови думи:

Ancient Macedonia; Perdiccas II;' Peloponnesian War; Athens; Halkidiki Peninsula


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