European Idea of Translation from a Bakhtinian Perspective

Agata Mikołajko

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Diachronic view on European quasi-translation and translation studies reveals their intrinsic coherence to the XVII/XVIII centuries, not always divergent, nonetheless already inconsistent concepts in the ensuing centuries (which is associated with an individualistic desire of states to emphasize the essence of the different languages, cultures, literatures) up until the cultural turn in the humanities, when the studies show renewed tendency towards unification. It is concerned with the ethno-linguistic perspective (proposed e.g. by Philip Riley), according to which ‘culture is knowledge, in the widest possible sense, including the traditions and history of the group, its common sense, beliefs, values, attitudes and language. Culture is the knowledge members of a society need if they are to participate completely in the various situations and activities life puts in their way’. In the European macro-scale (largely also in the American one) the essence of the integrated translation studies is a cultural phenomenon, which can be called translation. Although the various components of this phenomenon (sender-author-original text, recipient-translator, recipient-target group, cultural context, relay, determinants, etc.) have a fluctuating character between a peripherality and centralization, holistic and particular attitude in the various countries, geographical areas, methodologies or conceptions, translation is always the fundament. To show either the differences or similarities, not only distinctive but also integrating features, the selected translations from the so-called literary canon would be analysed, which will allow to apply the theory to the practical problems. The main aim of my paper is to clarify the thesis connecting the carnival concept of Mikhail Bakhtin, especially the idea of bodily and material baseness, with the cultural phenomenon a concomitant the translations.

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