Комуникативни аспекти на медицинския дискурс

Надежда Николова

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Modern medical discourse reflects the dynamic changes in development of Bulgarian speech. The globalising world is directly reflected in the broad layer of international medical terminological neology, nominating new concepts and processes. In recent years there is active use of new medical neologisms in modern medical discourse and in result, speech is enriched with synonymous resources for various communication purposes. Medical practice applies words, complex terms and combinations of words which are approved in this special professional field of communication. The problem of discourse is presented in different concepts. All researchers confirm the analysis of living speech under the setting of real communication. We assume that discourse is text considered as speech of a speaker in a particular communicative situation, driven by the action of various extralinguistic factors such as social-cultural, cognitive ones etc. Within the social-pragmatic approach to discourse, the term institutional discourse is analysed. In this approach, the focus is on the type of speaking person, acting under certain circumstances and conditions of communication. Medical discourse is one of them and is a type of communication between participants at the core and at the periphery of medical situation. The term of medical discourse is analysed as a process of speech activity in physician– patient communication, physician–nurse communication, etc. Medical discourse enters the system of institutional discourse and has universal and specific discursive signs. Speech situations include reception at the physician’s office, communication between a physician and a nurse, etc. They form the institutional component of medical discourse.

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комуникация, комуникативна толерантност, медицински дискурс, общуване, лекар, пациент.


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