Guidelines for authors

The allowed size

  • of a paper is 36 000 characters;
  • of a review – 5 400 characters,
  • a report in the “Reports” section – 1 800 characters.

The titles (max. 120 characters) of all manuscripts should be translated into English.

The papers should be accompanied by:

  • An annotation between 600 and 900 characters in Bulgarian and in English;
  • Up to 6 key words in Bulgarian an/d in English (specific untranslatable lexis should only be transliterated);
  • Author’s details: given and family name in Cyrillic and Latin, academic degree and title, place of work, work e-mail address.

The citation of the sources should be done in the text of the publication (family name of the author, year of the issue, colon, page number), round brackets, for example: (Mladenov 1979: 158). When there are two or more authors with the same family name in the same year, they may be specified by indication of their initials, for example: (Mladenov, St. 1979: 158). If there are several publications of the same author in the same year, an index with a Latin letter should be added next to the year, for example: (Mladenov 1979a: 158), (Mladenov 1979b: 158).

The notes to the text should be inserted as a footnote on the same page. In case of citation of a source here the concise bibliographical description as shown above should be used.

The literature on the subject (Bold 12, left) should be inserted after the end of the text and an empty line and after a new blank line two blocks should be formed according to the alphabet of the relevant publication.