Tarnovo Literary School

Peer Review Guidelines

The Editorial Board has enrolled prominent scientists – philologists and culturologists - for the implementation of external double-blind peer review of each received paper. The Editor-in-chief erases the name of the author from the text of the paper and from the file properties and consigns the received paper to two of the reviewers. During the evaluation process, they fill in a special review form and in its final part they mark their categorical opinion whether the received manuscript should be rejected or accepted (without corrections, with some necessary emendation and without second review, or second review after the recommended necessary corrections are done). In case one of the two reviewers rejects the paper, it should be consigned for evaluation to an arbitrator whose positive evaluation is a necessary condition for continuation of the procedure. After the submission of the review forms to the Editorial Board the Editor-in-chief informs the author of the opinion of the reviewers and, if necessary, provides the final part of the review to the author (Recommendations and overall evaluation) in order to make the needed emendations. The author should return the edited article within two weeks.

The name and the affiliation of the author are added to the text, the pre-press and page data setting is done and the author receives the article to authorize it. This is the last chance for making (some slight) corrections.

The Editorial Board decides on the final acceptance of the articles for publication. The editors have the right to reject the materials that do not conform to the purpose of the journal and do not meet the above-mentioned criteria.