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Постмодерни рефлексии върху хронотопната перцепция и пластичния израз при Модернизма

Мариана Николова Арт център, София, Bulgaria

Страници: 328-333
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/SNLI5998


Comprehension of the Space-Time continuum as a perception of the Modern art’s artist and the searching of the relevant plastic expression is as an approach to that new dimension, which in 1936 year Charles Sirato touches in his “Dimensionist Manifesto”. The reflection of the Postmodern Philosophy on the Modern thinking is an important topic of the contemporary artist, who during his creative process experience similar challenges in grasping the Space-Time continuum. The report examines two texts of M. Merleau-Ponty: “Cezanne’s Doubt“ and “Eye and Mind”, following the philosophical reflection on the modern artist’s perception, who as Klee says: “doesn’t reproduce the visible,but makes visibility”. I’m considering also the viewpoints of P. Valery, G. Deleuse and H.G.Gadamer, whose life path covers the both eras in question. Many scientific discoveries from the beginning of the 20-th c. have an influence on the artistic thinking and creativity. In an original way the postmodern philosophical reasoning considers this. In this way the discourse modern-postmodern does not flow only in the flat, linear time. And somewhere between the scientific and postmodern thought is the great impact of the Bergson’s concept of the “duration”. From this consideration is following the idea of the elasticity of the human consciousness during the time and space – an idea explored not only in visual arts.

Ключови думи:

space-time continuum; Modern – Post-modern; scientific discoveries – plastic expression; reflection


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