Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Current Issue: Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2018 / Volume 12 / Issue 1

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Rome and Pyrrus II Molossian myth and reality
Zhivko Zhekov
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Prow-shaped Towers and Siege Equipment in Early Byzantine Period
Plamen Doychev
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Some Trends in the Social Development of Eleventh-Century Byzantium
Symeon Antonov
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Aspects of the British Naval Technical Revolution (1830–1853)
Hary Kazandzhiev
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The Battle of Waterloo a look at her 200 years later
Emil Dokov
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Dr. Ivan Bogorov a Founder of Bulgarian Revival Journalism
Donka Andreeva
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The Haskovo Partisan Detachment (IX.1885I. – 1886)
Anton Donchev
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Education in Burgas from the Liberation to the end of 19th century
Georgi Drakaliev
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Russia and the Bulgarian Neutrality (1914–1915)
Tatyana Astardzhieva
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Military Schools of Russian Emigration in Bulgaria
Todor Dimov
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The Nomination of the Demotic Accusers and Judges in Ruse
Presiyan Costadinov
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Claims and Reality in Rambouillet
Katina Dimitrova
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