Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Current Issue: Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2017 / Volume 11 / Issue 1

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Corinthian War (395–87 B.C.) Genesis and Reflections
Zhivko Zhekov
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Marriage and Conjugal Relations during the First Bulgarian Empire
Simeon Stanchev
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The Boil Revolt after the Christianization of Medieval Bulgaria
Svetoslav Georgiev
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Touch to the history of monastic center Paroria
Momchil Mladenov
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The Congress of Vienna and the creation of the German Confederation
Valentin Spiridonov
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Pacifist ideas of Bertha von Suttner
Nina Shishmanova
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Literary Geography and Stored Future
Atanas Dermendzhiev Petya Sabeva
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Lessons for Summary and Systematization in Teaching Geography in 5th Grade
Stela Dermendzhieva Petya Sabeva
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The geographical factor in Balkan history
Plamen Parashkevov
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Turkey – Common Characterization
Leylya Shefka
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