Current Issue: Epohi, 2017 / Volume 25 / Issue 2

Journal Articles

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Linear B Lexicon for the Construction of Mycenaean Chariots
Richard Janke Spyros Bakas
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Armenia between Zoroastrian Hammer and Christian Anvil
Petar Goliyski
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Latgalian and Selonian Chiefdoms in the Baltic Medieval History
Ya. Pylypchuk
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Attempts for Renewal of the Archbishopric of Ohrid through the Last Threat of the 19th Century
YOSIF Metropolitan of Tetovo and Gostivar
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International Scholarly Conference Devoted to the 1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian-Byzantine Treaty of 716
Nikolay Kanev Plamen Pavlov Stefan Yordanov
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What was Krum after with Renewal of the Treaty of 716?
Nikolay Hrissimov
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Tsar Samuil in Central and Southern Greece
Momchil Mladenov
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About the Plague Epidemics of the Early Middle Ages
George Kovachev
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Chronica of Sigebert and his Records about the Bulgarians for the Period 680 – 820 A.D.
Pepa Lungarova Stoyan Mihaylov
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Are the Sigils of Emperor Basil II a Reliable Source
Kamen Stanev
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