Current Issue: Epohi, 2018 / Volume 26 / Issue 1

Journal Articles

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Getic hypothesis about the origin of Spartacus
Sergey Krykin
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The Radish (Raphanus L.) in Selected Sources from Antiquity and the Byzantine Period
Zofia Rzeźnicka Jolanta Dybała Krzysztof Jagusiak Maciej Kokoszko
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Language of Kipchaks: attempt of historical characteristics
Ya. Pylypchuk
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Social structure of the Old Turkic society
N. Е. Кuzembaev
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Vera Mutafchieva – a phenomenon in Bulgarian scince
Krasimira Mutafova
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Bulgaria – the Historical Way of a State in Search of Sovereignty
Olivier Buirette
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The Orthodox church in Poland after World war II
Jerzy Grzybowski
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International Scholarly Conference Devoted to the 1300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian-Byzantine Treaty of 716
Nikolay Kanev Plamen Pavlov Stefan Yordanov
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Notes on the Bulgarian-Byzantine relations during khan Tervel
Dimo Cheshmedzhiev
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Autors of This Issue
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