Current Issue: -, 2017 / Volume 1 / Issue 1

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Relationship Management in Online Political Communications
Iliana Pavlova
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Pоlitical Brand: Crises of Brand Narrative
Stefan Sezerliev
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Multicultural Communication in Serbian Public Space
Zoran Jevtovic Zoran Aracki
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Contemporary Political Communications: Ethics and Professionalism
Alexander Hristov
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The Language of Pre-Election Advertising
Valentina Bondzolova
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Elections 2016. The Facebook Pages of the Candidates
Evelina Hristova
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The Role of the TV Interview in Preelection Communication
Marina Marinova
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The Role of Public Relations in Elaborating Management Decisions
Ivalinka Pencheva
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PR and Their Place in Integrated Communications
Mariya Ivanova
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The Importance of Communication as Part of the Management Process
Plamena Pencheva
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