Current Issue: Proglas, 2019 / Volume 28 / Issue 1

Journal Articles

Fantastic Literature - a Medium of Modernity: Svetoslav Minkov
Nikolina Burneva
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Postbiological Evolution in Dietmar Dath's "The Abolition of Spicies"
Branka Ognjanovic
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“Heart of Darkness” on The Bulgarian Stage – Creative Perspectives and Techniques
Margreta Grigorova Petya Tsoneva
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On the Fantastic in the Chinese Film "Legend of the Demon Cat"
Aàdronika Martonova
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Metacommunication: Anthropocentric Views in Contemporary Linguistics
Donka Mangacheva
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History, Irony, Ethos (Part II)
Ivan Ruskov
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Recent Event: 6th International Congress of Scholars of Russian Language
Valentina Bondzholova
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Recent Event: An Insignia of Honour for Dr Marinela Petrova
Veska Kirilova
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Contributors to the Issue
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Contributors to the Issue
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