Current Issue: Proglas, 2018 / Volume 27 / Issue 2

Journal Articles

The Nature of Sacrifice in Botev’s Poetry
Sirma Danova
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History, Irony, Ethos (Part I)
Ivan Ruskov
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Russian Journalists: Radicalisation of Virtual Space
Jan Morawicki
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A Literary Friendship Across the Ocean
Francisco Javier Hues Galves
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Varia: On an Unrecognized Role of the Aorist Participle Active
Ivan Nedev
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Varia: How Many Books Did Neofit Bozveli Publish ?
Elena Nalbantova
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Scientific Forum: Botev and Bulgarian Literature
Violeta Ruseva
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Recent Event: The New Edition of “Societas Classica”
Polina Tsoncheva
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Recent Event: The Day of Austria in Veliko Tarnovo
Vladimira Vulkova
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Notes on Contributors
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Notes on Contributors
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Guidelines for Authors
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