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Информационная геополитика и политическая пропаганда в СМИ Российской Федерации

Вальдемар Жак Университет имени Марии Кюри-Склодовской, Люблин, Польша

Страници: 64-73
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54664/OIDU6852


Information is considered one of the main factors of the current geopolitical dynamics. The information paradigm of geopolitics defines the canons of conquest and control of a global information space, as well as the nature of the relationship between geopolitical actors. It covers a range of issues related to geographic information policy, which includes the activities aimed at increasing the power of State information, including in the media. Helping people understand the changing world order has become the main goal of mass media. In an emerging global information field, the media no longer divide events into domestic and foreign ones. Russia’s propaganda offensive is a carefully prepared strategy. The country built an array of soft power instruments and transformed them into effective weapons in a new information war with the West. Initially intended as a tool to enhance Russia’s soft power, it quickly developed into one of the main instruments of Russia’s new imperialism. The minimum task may be the integration of part of the post-Soviet space, whereas the maximum task is to unite civilizations into a single Eurasian continental block in order to restore civilization balance

Ключови думи:

information geopolitics, information war, political propaganda, soft power, media in the political process, Russia


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