Current Issue: Pedagogical Almanac, 2017 / Volume 25 / Issue 2

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Teacher preparation for a lesson using information and communication technology
Lachezar Lazarov Stoyanka Georgieva-Lazarova
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Active games for developing the native language in the pre-school age
Delyana Chuhovska Krasimira Petrova
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Effectiveness of corrective gymnastics programs for correction of kyphotic poor posture in children at primary school age: an overview
Bojan Jorgic Dimitrinka Tsonkova Miroslav Trajkovic Stefan Dordevic Stefania Belomazheva-Dimitrova
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Using the functional movement screen to evaluate physical education students
Anastasiadis Theofylaktos Dancho Pandulchev Svetoslav Stefanov Tsvetanka Dilova-Neykova
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A twelve weeks experimental programme for the improvement of speed in young football players
Ali Mysliu Arjan Hyka Bledar Alterzi Edmond Bicoku Musa Hajderi
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Possibilities for modeling in the basketball
Edmond Bicoku Lyudmil Petrov
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Fine arts as a means of emotional aesthetic development of children
Tatiana Buyanova
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