Еthical rules





         The following ethical rules apply in the relations between the International Editorial Board of Pedagogical Almanac and its authors, as well as between the International Editorial Board and members of the Board of Anonymous and Independent Reviewers, engaged in examining the papers submitted for publishing.

          The purpose of these rules is to ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards adopted by the national and international scientific communities.

          The International Editorial Board of Pedagogical Almanac requires from its authors’ scientific papers, which are:

-       Original, independent developments or co-authored with clear division of responsibilities and contributions of the creative team;

-       Written with respect to the scientific achievements of the cited authors;

-       Developed in accordance with the standards adopted by Pedagogical Almanac in terms of citations and references, which constitute an annex to these ethical rules;

-       Submitted for publication only in Pedagogical Almanac;

-       Accompanied by a written statement from the author that the article complies with these ethical rules and can be published in the paper and in the online edition of the journal.

The Editor-in-Chief or authorised member of the International Editorial Board assigns to two members of the Board of Anonymous and Independent Reviewers the evaluation of each submitted for publication article. Each reviewer has to sign a declaration that he or she is in no conflict of interest with the authors and is not biased towards their scientific qualities.

The International Editorial Board will not publish papers which contain attacks or disrespectful tone towards the work of other authors. Disagreements should be made through in-depth scientific arguments and in compliance with the highest standards to protect the reputation of the authors.

Articles which deviate from the principles of scientific integrity and display clearly biased political positions will not be published.

The International Editorial Board will not publish papers which deviate both in their conclusions and tone with the fundamental values of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The authors of articles in Pedagogical Almanac are responsible for the originality and scientific contributions of their publications.

If the Editor-in-Chief or a member of the International Editorial Board finds that the submitted work does not meet the minimum requirements for scientific contribution, he has to justify his position in writing. The publication is returned to the author to correct deficiencies or for a major reworking.

The International Editorial Board approves for publication in paper and electronic version only those articles, which have received unambiguously positive assessments by two members to the Board of Anonymous and Independent Reviewers, who are involved in the evaluation procedure of the articles.

The Editor-in-Chief may assign additional evaluations on the originality and scientific value of the publication, if an author has made a written objection detailing arguments for its merits.

The International Editorial Board does not provide to third-parties information for unpublished works.

Each author has the right to withdraw submitted for publication work one month at the latest after the date of the sending of the article to the journals’ editors.

The International Editorial Board discusses all reports of violation of these ethical rules in published articles. It can require from the authors written explanations about each case. If the International Editorial Board considers that the work has been published in violation of these ethical rules, it will publish an apology to the readers in the next issue.

          These ethical rules are adopted by members of the International Editorial Board of Pedagocial Almanac and are approved at a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Education at the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo.

          The authors of Pedagogical Almanac journal declare that they will keep the ethical rules. The declaration to the Editor-in-Chief can get downloaded from here.