Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity

Bulgaria, the Bulgarians and Europe - Myth, History, Modernity, 2011 / Volume 4 / Issue 1

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Yordan Andreev. In memoriam (Outlines of long friendship)
Yordan Aleksiev
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Studies and Bulgarian Statehood
Dmitriy Polivyanniy
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Le developpement de la culture bulgare et l`heritage religieux antique
Zlatozara Gocheva
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Presence in the Region of Odesos and "the So Called Varna"
Valentin Pletnyov
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Star form Pliska and Its Function as a Seal
Zarko Zhdrakov
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War in Medieval Scandinavia according to Royal Sagas Data
Ivelin Ivanov
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Notes about the Settlement of Pernik in the Middle Ages
Metodi Zlatkov
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Byzance et la Papaute dans le premier quart du ХІV e siecle
Momchil Mladenov
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The Memory of Keaven (Eden) in the Medieval Bulgarian Literature
Tsvetana Cholova
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Plomb d`Areobindus, eparchos et commerciarius de VI siecle
Igor Lazarenko
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The Sabre from Grave № 27 of the Medieval Bulgarian Necropolist at Novi Pazar
Milen Petrov Nikolay Hrissimov
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The Southeastern Fortified Wall of Trapezitsa
Mirko Robov
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Art Objects of the Christian Cult from the Church No. 19 in Trapezitsa Fortress
Diana Kosseva Konstantin Totev
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About the Burials of the Tarnovo Kings
Maria Dolmova-Lukanovska
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Textile Fragments from Trapazitsa Hill in Veliko Tarnovo
Ivan Chokoev
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The First Serbian Uprising (1804–1813). A Survey of the Sources
Mariyana Jovevska
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The Economic Problems in the Znanie Periodical (1875–1876, 1878)
Momchil Marinov
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Geography in the Modern World of lnformation Technologies
Atanas Dermendzhiev
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The Black Sea Region as an Emanation of the Geographic (Non)Сonflictedness
Atanas Dermendzhiev Plamen Parashkevov
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Origin and Development of the Autonomous Communities of Spain
Slavi Dimitrov Tatjana Dimitrova
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New Topographic Maps of Масеdоniа in Scale 1:25000
Bashkim Idrizi Murat Meha Pal Nikolli
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Morphology and Dynamics of the Svishtov Landslide Massif
Marinela Agalareva
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IСT in Teaching Geography
Stela Dermendjhieva Bojanka Dimitrova
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List of abbreviations
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